Travel Guide

Kelva Beach is situated on the Western Express Railway Line and also has a small station named Kelwe Road Station. But not all trains stop here. Palghar is the nearest main station from Kelva. It has at least 15 Express Trains and periodic Shuttle Trains from Virar and Mumbai Central stations on the Western Railway coming down from Mumbai city.

At Kelwe Road or Palghar stations, special diesel tuk-tuk's large-sized Auto Rickshaws are available on a sharing basis to reach the Hotel at a very nominal cost. But if you prefer to have the own rickshaw to yourself. auto services are providing hire services from kelva road to kelva beach and palghar to kelva beach and any other location within palghar district. Below are some of prime routes where auto provide day to day rental services.

Auto Route Fare
Kelva Road Station to Shitladevi Temple or Kelva Beach (Max.6 People or Special) Rs.300*
Kelva Beach to Kelva Road Station (Max.6 People or Special) Rs.300*
Hotel to Palghar Station (Max.6 People or Special) Rs.350*
Palghar Station to Kelva Beach (Max.6 People or Special) Rs.350*

Booking Information

  • Trips should be booked at least 2 hour in advance
  • Mention where you would like to go, where you would like to be picked up from along with the date and time
  • Confirm availability within the area and time
  • At the time specified the Auto will arrive at your location specified
  • The tariff will be started at your pick up point
  • On arrival at the destination, the tariff will be stopped
  • The tariff is fixed as route
  • The driver will collect the fare
  • After 8.00pm Fare charge increase
Note: We reserve the rights to change, alter or increase the rates without any prior notifications irrespective of the changes in rates on the website.