Devi Darshan

If you are in Kelva and didn't do the Devi Darshan then you missed a lot. Located at approximately 10KM from around Kelva, there are 10+ different temples of Devi Maa. This is a popular place among the Devotees and has a huge visitors during Navratri Utsav. This is the list of the Devi darshan yatra.

1. Mata Shitladevi Kelva, 2. Mata Kalikadevi Kelva, 3. Mata Ambamata Kelva Road, 4. Mata Ekvira Kelva Road, 5. Mata Kurlai Devi Saphale, 6.Chamunda Devi Makunsar Saphale 7. Mata Aashapuri Edvan Saphale, 8. Vedubaimata Kelva Mahim Gavrai, 9. Mata Saptashrungi Kelva Mahim, 10. Mata Mahakali Kelva Mahim, 11. Mata Mahikawati Kelva Mahim, 12. Mata Khamjai Shirgaon Palghar, 13. Ambamata Palghar

Do visit these temples and leave with inner peace and happiness.
  • Shitla Devi Kelva
  • Kalikadevi Kelva
  • Ambamata Kelva Road
  • Ekvira Mata Kelva Road
  • Kurlai Devi Saphale
  • Chamunda Devi Makunsar Saphale
  • Ashaputi Mata Saphale Edvan
  • Vedumata Kelva Mahim
  • Saptashrungi Kelva Mahim
  • Mahakali Kelva Mahim
  • Mahakali Kelva Mahim
  • Mahikavatidevi Kelva Mahim
  • Khamjai Sirgaon Palghar
  • Ambamata Palghar
  • Saptashrungi Devi Kaulghar.webp


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