Kelva Agriculture

Experience organic farming at its finest in Kelva Agriculture. Kelva is known for its farming. If you want to eat healthy, then Kelva has a lot to offer. Vegetables and fruits are grown in a organic farm. Moreover, you can not only see this but also buy them from the local vegetable market.

All season available fruits are coconut, betel leaf, chikoo and papaya which are easily available in local market. But do check out seasonal fruits as well such as jackfruits, guava, mango and tadgola. Being here will reconnect you to your old roots of farming, do visit with kids to make them understand how it is done and how healthy these vegetables and fruits are!
  • betel-leaf-plantationBetel Leaf Plantation
  • banana-treeBanana
  • Coconut TreeCoconut
  • acolocasia-plantationAcolocasia Plantation
  • chikoo-treeChikoo
  • mango-treeMango
  • jacfruit-treeJacfruit
  • papaya-treePapaya
  • papaya-treeBrinjal
  • pineapple-treePineapple
  • agriculture-kelvabeachLemon Grass
  • agriculture-kelvabeachDrumstick
  • supari-treeArecanut
  • turmeric-treeTurmeric
  • agriculture-kelvabeachCustard Apple
  • black-pepper-treeBlack Pepper
  • black-pepper-treeAsian Palmyra Palm Fruit
  • black-pepper-treeKandmool (Konfal)
  • Rice-farmingRice Farming